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Benj Edwards

10/03/2020 "Fake Video Threatens to Rewrite History. Here's How to Protect It" (FastCompany)
12/21/2019 "How Atari Took on Apple in the 1980s Home PC Wars" (FastCompany)
09/24/2018 "Myst at 25" (FastCompany)
10/16/2017 "Spacewar: Profile of a Cultural Earthquake" (VC&G)
10/27/2017 "Rediscovering History's Lost First Female Video Game Designer" (FastCompany)
05/31/2017 "The Chuck E. Cheese Origin Story" (FastCompany)
02/17/2017 "The Untold Story of Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell's Visionary 1980s Tech Incubator" (FastCompany)
02/03/2017 "Ms. Pac-Man: A 35th-Anniversary Oral History" (FastCompany)
11/04/2016 "The Lost Civilization of Dial-Up Bulletin Board Systems" (The Atlantic)
09/02/2016 "Ed Smith and the Imagination Machine: The Untold Story Of A Black Video Game Pioneer" (FastCompany)
11/18/2015 "What It Was Like To Build A World Wide Web Site In 1995" (FastCompany)
08/21/2015 "Unraveling The Enigma Of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later" (FastCompany)
07/22/2015 "How Two Bored 1970s Housewives Helped Create The PC Industry" (FastCompany)
06/26/2015 "Who Needs GPS? The Forgotten Story of Etak's Amazing 1985 Car Navigation System" (FastCompany)
01/21/2015 "The Untold Story Of The Invention Of The Game Cartridge" (FastCompany)
07/12/2014 "Where Online Services Go When They Die" (The Atlantic)
03/15/2013 "The Copyright Rule We Need to Repeal to Preserve Our Cultural Heritage" (The Atlantic)
01/24/2013 "The Never-Before-Told Story of the World's First Computer Art" (The Atlantic)
01/23/2012 "Why History Needs Software Piracy" (Technologizer)
12/11/2011 "Computer Space and the Dawn of the Arcade Video Game" (Technologizer)
10/23/2011 "The Birth of the iPod" (Macworld)
04/25/2010 "The True Face of Mario" (Technologizer)
07/20/2009 "Lunar Lander Turns Forty" (Technologizer)
06/16/2008 "Birth of a Standard: The Intel 8086 Microprocessor" (PC World)
05/15/2007 "Video Games Turn Forty" (1UP) (mirror)
01/12/2007 "Plastic Discoloration in Classic Machines" (VC&G)
08/30/2006 "The Dial-Up BBS Revisited" (VC&G)
Freelance Writing and Podcast History
Benj Edwards

01/01/2024 "Retronauts Episode 582: Years in Review Revue - 1974 & 1984" (Retronauts)
12/19/2022 "Retronauts Episode 503: Years-in-Review Revue - 1983 & ’93" (Retronauts)
12/02/2022 "Retronauts Episode 499: Years-in-Review Revue - 1973 & ’83" (Retronauts)
08/08/2022 "Retronauts Episode 473: Star Wars Episode I" (Retronauts)
03/21/2022 "Retronauts Episode 443: Years in Review: 1982 & 1992" (Retronauts)
12/27/2021 "Retronauts Episode 425: Years in Review: 1972 & 1982" (Retronauts)
08/30/2021 "Retronauts Episode 399: Formative Gaming Experiences" (Retronauts)
07/05/2021 "Retronauts Episode 387: The Atari 8-bit Legacy" (Retronauts)
05/03/2021 "Retronauts Episode 374: Return of the Jedi" (Retronauts)
03/08/2021 "Retronauts Episode 362: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (Retronauts)
02/10/2021 "Retronauts Episode 356: Years-In-Review Revue: 1991" (Retronauts)
12/28/2020 "Retronauts Episode 347: Years In Review Revue: 1971 & '81" (Retronauts)
10/03/2020 "Fake Video Threatens to Rewrite History. Here's How to Protect It" (FastCompany)
07/17/2020 "Retronauts Episode 313: Weird Controllers, Pt. II" (Retronauts)
04/27/2020 "Retronauts Episode 296: Trackball Games & The Art of Atari" (Retronauts)
04/20/2020 "Retronauts Episode 291: The Media is the Message - PAX East" (Retronauts)
02/28/2020 "Retronauts Episode 283: Weird Controllers, Pt. 1" (Retronauts)
02/17/2020 "Retronauts Episode 278: Paperboy (With John Salwitz)" (Retronauts)
01/20/2020 "Retronauts Episode 273: The Years in Revue: 1980 & 1990" (Retronauts)
01/03/2020 "Retronauts Episode 271 Video Companion" (Retronauts)
01/03/2020 "Retronauts Episode 271: List Inventory - Hitchhiker's Guide 1" (Retronauts)
12/31/2019 "Retronauts Episode 269: Command & Conquer (With Louis Castle)" (Retronauts)
12/27/2019 "The 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games" (PCMag)
12/23/2019 "The 10 Best NES Games" (PCMag)
12/21/2019 "How Atari Took on Apple in the 1980s Home PC Wars" (FastCompany)
12/19/2019 "7 Forgotten Atari 2600 Classics" (PCMag)
12/16/2019 "Retronauts Episode 266: The Empire Strikes Back" (Retronauts)
11/11/2019 "Retronauts Episode 258: 2009 (It's Retro Now)" (Retronauts)
10/26/2019 "The 10 Best Sega Genesis Games" (PCMag)
10/17/2019 "The 10 Best Game Boy Games" (PCMag)
10/11/2019 "10 Creepy Retro Games to Play on Halloween" (PCMag)
10/07/2019 "Retronauts Episode 251: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" (Retronauts)
09/28/2019 "A Guide to Classic Video Game System Revisions" (PCMag)
09/26/2019 "The 10 Best GameCube Games" (PCMag)
08/24/2019 "Gaming in the Rain: Dramatic Weather in Classic Video Games" (PCMag)
08/18/2019 "7 Forgotten Sega Game Gear Classics" (PCMag)
08/12/2019 "Retronauts Episode 239: Super Smash Bros." (Retronauts)
07/13/2019 "Moon Mania: The 8 Greatest Moon Games of All Time" (PCMag)
07/11/2019 "25 Years of CompactFlash: A Look Back at the Pioneering Format" (PCMag)
07/09/2019 "Console Chameleons: 7 Cross-Platform Video Game Adapters" (PCMag)
07/03/2019 "50 Years on the Moon: The Evolution of Lunar Lander Games" (PCMag)
06/15/2019 "7 Forgotten NEC TurboGrafx-16 Classics" (PCMag)
06/10/2019 "EGA Turns 35: 10 Iconic EGA Games of Yesteryear" (PCMag)
05/29/2019 "7 Forgotten Co-Op NES Classics" (PCMag)
05/20/2019 "Retronauts Episode 221: Alien Retrospective" (Retronauts)
05/05/2019 "7 Forgotten Sony PlayStation 2 Classics" (PCMag)
04/20/2019 "Game Boy Turns 30: Remembering Nintendo's Famous Handheld" (PCMag)
04/08/2019 "Retronauts Episode 212: Namco Arcade History, Part 3" (Retronauts)
03/21/2019 "Gaming for Everyone: 7 Accessible Gaming Devices" (PCMag)
03/08/2019 "Retronauts Episode 205: Katamari Damacy" (Retronauts)
02/22/2019 "7 Fun and Funky Vintage Chess Computers" (PCMag)
02/11/2019 "Food Games: 8 Culinary Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
02/11/2019 "Retronauts Episode 200: 2019 Years in Review, Part 2" (Retronauts)
02/07/2019 "7 Forgotten Nintendo Virtual Boy Classics" (PCMag)
02/01/2019 "PC Pioneers: The Forgotten World of S-100 Bus Computers" (PCMag)
12/31/2018 "Retronauts Episode 191: 2019 Years in Review, Part 1" (Retronauts)
12/11/2018 "7 Forgotten Christmas Games of Yore" (PCMag)
11/20/2018 "The Golden Age of PDAs" (PCMag)
11/05/2018 "Retronauts Episode 180: Sega Genesis Turns 30" (Retronauts)
10/21/2018 "7 Forgotten Halloween Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
10/19/2018 "Retronauts Episode 176: G.I. Joe" (Retronauts)
10/12/2018 "Episode 6: Felicia Day and the Pursuit of Happiness" (The Culture of Tech)
10/09/2018 "My Collection of 500+ Pieces of Computer and Game Hardware" (PCMag)
09/24/2018 "Myst at 25" (FastCompany)
09/24/2018 "Retronauts Episode 171: Namco Arcade, Pt. 2" (Retronauts)
09/21/2018 "Retronauts Episode 170: Iron Man" (Retronauts)
09/10/2018 "Retronauts Episode 168: Sega Arcade Finale" (Retronauts)
08/30/2018 "Episode 5: Jesse Damiani and The Future of Trust" (The Culture of Tech)
08/13/2018 "Retronauts Episode 164: Online Pioneer Days" (Retronauts)
07/27/2018 "Retronauts Micro 92: Raiders of the Lost Ark" (Retronauts)
06/29/2018 "Retronauts Micro 90: King of Kong" (Retronauts)
06/25/2018 "Retronauts Episode 157: Metroidvania Finale" (Retronauts)
06/23/2018 "7 Classic Game Consoles Built Into TV Sets" (PCMag)
06/14/2018 "The Golden Age of Sony VAIO PCs" (PCMag)
06/14/2018 "7 Forgotten Atari 800 Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
04/23/2018 "Retronauts Episode 148: Namco Arcade Games, Part 1" (Retronauts)
04/19/2018 "7 Old-School Media Players You Probably Had as a Kid" (PCMag)
04/14/2018 "7 Fun and Funky Casio Home Keyboards of the 20th Century" (PCMag)
04/12/2018 "The Golden Age of Motorola Cell Phones" (PCMag)
04/10/2018 "The Golden Age of Virtual Pets" (PCMag)
04/06/2018 "Retronauts Micro 84: Benj's Classic Computer Collection" (Retronauts)
03/30/2018 "The Golden Age of America Online" (PCMag)
03/26/2018 "Retronauts Episode 144: Broderbund" (Retronauts)
03/24/2018 "7 Forgotten Sega Saturn Classics" (PCMag)
03/16/2018 "Game Design Legends: The Golden Age of Sid Meier" (PCMag)
03/09/2018 "The Golden Age of Radio Shack Toys" (PCMag)
03/08/2018 "7 Forgotten Nintendo Game Boy Classics" (PCMag)
02/20/2018 "7 Black Computer Tech Pioneers You Should Know" (PCMag)
02/05/2018 "Retronauts Episode 137: Metroidvania, Part 4" (Retronauts)
02/02/2018 "Retronauts Micro 80: Jim Henson's Labyrinth" (Retronauts)
01/23/2018 "Episode 3: Stan Honey and Navigation" (The Culture of Tech)
12/28/2017 "7 Vintage Computer Designs That Give Me Nightmares" (PCMag)
12/26/2017 "Retronauts Episode 131: Sega Arcade, Early 1990s" (Retronauts)
12/26/2017 "7 Modern BBSes Worth Calling Today" (PCMag)
12/20/2017 "7 Forgotten Nintendo GameCube Classics" (PCMag)
12/14/2017 "Episode 2: Richard Garriott and The Virtues" (The Culture of Tech)
11/29/2017 "Episode 1: Steve Wozniak and Television" (The Culture of Tech)
11/27/2017 "7 Early Modem-to-Modem Computer Games" (PCMag)
11/17/2017 "Retronauts Micro 74: Metroid II and Samus Returns" (Retronauts)
11/06/2017 "Retronauts Episode 124: Metroidvania Part III" (Retronauts)
10/27/2017 "Rediscovering History's Lost First Female Video Game Designer" (FastCompany)
10/19/2017 "7 Retro Religious Video Games Worth Exploring" (PCMag)
10/16/2017 "Spacewar: Profile of a Cultural Earthquake" (VC&G)
10/16/2017 "Retronauts Episode 121: King of Fighters and Lost Gaming Experiences" (Retronauts)
09/21/2017 "7 Forgotten Sega Genesis Classics" (PCMag)
09/11/2017 "Retronauts Episode 116: Arcade Gaming Memories" (Retronauts)
08/15/2017 "How to Preserve Vintage Electronics" (PCMag)
08/11/2017 "The Golden Age of Dell Computers" (PCMag)
08/07/2017 "Retronauts Episode 111: Metroidvania, Pt.2: The NES Years" (Retronauts)
08/02/2017 "7 Retro Video Games With Crazy (and Gross) Names" (PCMag)
07/28/2017 "Retronauts Micro 66: Batman's Portable Adventures" (Retronauts)
07/27/2017 "7 Forgotten Atari ST Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
07/17/2017 "Retronauts Episode 108: Marathon, Super NES Classic Edition, Final Fantasy VIII Podcast" (Retronauts)
07/13/2017 "7 Frequently Overlooked Super NES Classics" (PCMag)
07/10/2017 "Retronauts Episode 107: Sega Arcade Games, Part 2 Podcast" (Retronauts)
07/01/2017 "How To: Build a Retro Games Emulator" (Windows Advisor, July 2017)
06/30/2017 "Retronauts Micro 64: Kabuki Quantum Fighter" (Retronauts)
06/19/2017 "Retronauts Episode 104: Chronicling Metroidvania" (Retronauts)
06/02/2017 "Atari's Forgotten Arcade Classics" (Glixel)
06/02/2017 "Retronauts Micro 62: Let's Revisit the TI-99/4A" (Retronauts)
05/31/2017 "The Chuck E. Cheese Origin Story" (FastCompany)
05/12/2017 "How to Build a Raspberry Pi Retrogaming Emulation Console" (PCWorld)
05/08/2017 "Retronauts Episode 98: Early Apple Mac Games Podcast" (Retronauts)
04/21/2017 "Retronauts Micro 59: Atari Swordquest Podcast" (Retronauts)
04/17/2017 "Retronauts Episode 95: Batman Video Games Podcast" (Retronauts)
04/04/2017 "The Forgotten World of Teletype Computer Games" (PCMag)
03/28/2017 "The Strange World of Console-Computer Hybrids" (PCMag)
03/20/2017 "Retronauts Episode 91: Sega Arcade Games (1980-85) Podcast" (Retronauts)
03/18/2017 "7 Forgotten Sega Dreamcast Classics" (PCMag)
02/28/2017 "7 Retro Console Games Best Played With a Mouse" (PCMag)
02/20/2017 "Retronauts Episode 87: Apple II Games Podcast" (Retronauts)
02/17/2017 "The Untold Story of Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell's Visionary 1980s Tech Incubator" (FastCompany)
02/17/2017 "Expansion Chips in Video game Cartridges" (PCWorld)
02/16/2017 "7 Retro Video Game Box Covers That Make No Sense" (PCMag)
02/11/2017 "7 Forgotten Atari Jaguar Classics" (PCMag)
02/09/2017 "7 Perfect Video Games Everyone Should Play at Least Once" (PCMag)
02/03/2017 "Ms. Pac-Man: A 35th-Anniversary Oral History" (FastCompany)
02/02/2017 "The Creepy World of Abandoned Video Games" (PCMag)
01/26/2017 "The Lost World of Early Nintendo Consoles" (PCMag)
12/29/2016 "7 Programming Languages That Give Me Nightmares" (PCMag)
12/22/2016 "7 Holly Jolly Vintage Christmas Computer Demos for Festive Geeks" (PCMag)
12/15/2016 "Time Capsule: A Look Back at My Family's Love of PCs in the 80s" (PCMag)
12/01/2016 "The Golden Age of Texas Instruments Consumer Gadgets" (PCMag)
11/22/2016 "7 Forgotten Nintendo Entertainment System Classics" (PCMag)
11/19/2016 "7 Multiplayer Gaming Classics to Play Over the Holidays" (PCMag)
11/04/2016 "The Lost Civilization of Dial-Up Bulletin Board Systems" (The Atlantic)
10/13/2016 "The Forgotten World of Dumb Terminals" (PCMag)
10/06/2016 "The Golden Age of Compaq Computers" (PCMag)
09/28/2016 "7 Mario Games That Never Made it to the US" (PCMag)
09/22/2016 "7 Forgotten Apple II Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
09/16/2016 "Tested: The RetroUSB AVS, a high-def 8-bit NES remake" (PCWorld)
09/02/2016 "Ed Smith and the Imagination Machine" (FastCompany)
09/01/2016 "The Golden Age of Apple Computers" (PCMag)
08/25/2016 "Son of PC: The History of x86 Game Consoles" (PCMag)
08/18/2016 "The Golden Age of HP Palmtop PCs" (PCMag)
08/12/2016 "Inside the IBM PC 5150: The First-Ever IBM PC" (PCWorld)
08/10/2016 "Go For The Retro Gold: 7 Olympic Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
08/01/2016 "The Making Of: Pong" (Edge Special Edition)
07/21/2016 "7 Retro Presidential-Themed Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
07/14/2016 "The Weird World of Pokemon Oddities" (PCMag)
07/13/2016 "Inside the PocketCHIP, a $49 Portable Linux Computer" (PCWorld)
07/07/2016 "7 Classic Home PC Follow-Ups That Were Never Released" (PCMag)
06/16/2016 "7 Forgotten Game Boy Advance Classics" (PCMag)
06/11/2016 "7 Things Everyone Should Know About the Game Boy Advance" (PCMag)
06/09/2016 "Retro Tech: Inside the Nintendo 64, on its 20th birthday" (PCWorld)
06/02/2016 "Intel's 10 Most Important CPU Launches" (PCWorld)
04/29/2016 "Retro Tech: Vintage Muscle Machines" (PCWorld)
04/28/2016 "Children of Pong: The Forgotten Early Atari Consoles" (PCMag)
04/21/2016 "The Strange World of Japanese IBM PCs" (PCMag)
04/14/2016 "The Golden Age of Commodore Computers" (PCMag)
04/08/2016 "Retro Tech: Classic Adventure Games for Kids" (PCWorld)
04/07/2016 "The Eerie World of Abandoned Arcade Games" (PCMag)
03/31/2016 "The Wacky World of VR in the 80s and 90s" (PCMag)
03/17/2016 "7 Microprocessors That Powered the PC Revolution" (PCMag)
03/11/2016 "Retro Tech: Exploring the TI-99/4A" (PCWorld)
03/10/2016 "7 Classic PC Games With ASCII Graphics" (PCMag)
03/03/2016 "The Golden Age of IBM PCs" (PCMag)
02/25/2016 "When Sound Came on a Card: 7 Classic PC Sound Upgrades" (PCMag)
02/18/2016 "TOT: Exploring The Lost World of Prodigy" (PCWorld)
02/18/2016 "Nerd Alert: 7 Iconic Calculators of Yore" (PCMag)
01/28/2016 "7 Awesome Portable Electronic Games of the 1990s" (PCMag)
01/28/2016 "TOT: Atari Video Music" (PCWorld)
01/20/2016 "The Golden Age of Atari Home Computers" (PCMag)
01/19/2016 "TOT: TRS-80 MC-10 Micro Color Computer" (PCWorld)
01/14/2016 "The Forgotten World of BBS Door Games" (PCMag)
01/13/2016 "TOT: Speak & Spell" (PCWorld)
12/31/2015 "7 Forgotten Commodore 64 Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
12/22/2015 "The Oddball, Nostalgia-Inducing Christmas Tech Art Of The 1980s And 1990s" (FastCompany)
12/10/2015 "7 Unusual Tech Collections" (PCMag)
12/04/2015 "TOT: Remembering WorldsAway" (PCWorld)
12/04/2015 "Golden Age of TRS-80: A Look Back At RadioShack Computers" (PCMag)
11/25/2015 "TOT: M.U.L.E. on an Atari 800 For the Holidays" (PCWorld)
11/18/2015 "What It Was Like To Build A World Wide Web Site In 1995" (FastCompany)
11/12/2015 "Inside Computer Stores of the 70s and 80s" (PCMag)
11/06/2015 "TOT: The Toshiba T1000 was my first step into the world of MS-DOS" (PCWorld)
11/05/2015 "The Lost World of Soviet PCs" (PCMag)
10/26/2015 "7 Software Interfaces That Give Me Nightmares" (PCMag)
10/22/2015 "7 Japanese Game Consoles That Never Made it to America" (PCMag)
10/02/2015 "7 Seriously Bizarre First-Person Shooters From the 90s" (PCMag)
09/24/2015 "7 Forgotten Sony PlayStation 1 Classics" (PCMag)
09/18/2015 "7 Seriously Impressive Video Game Collections" (PCMag)
09/16/2015 "7 PCs Turned Into Furniture You Might Actually Want" (PCMag)
08/21/2015 "Unraveling The Enigma Of Nintendo's Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later" (FastCompany)
08/20/2015 "9 Awesome Photos of School Computer Labs From the 1980s" (PCWorld)
08/19/2015 "The 17 Best Educational Games of the 70s, 80s and 90s" (PCWorld)
08/17/2015 "7 Forgotten Windows 3.0 Gaming Classics" (PCMag)
08/15/2015 "7 Amazing Vintage Computer Collections" (PCMag)
07/25/2015 "End of Life: Haunting Pics of Computer Junkyards" (PCMag)
07/23/2015 "7 Robots Every Geeky 80s Kid Wanted" (PCMag)
07/22/2015 "How Two Bored 1970s Housewives Helped Create The PC Industry" (FastCompany)
07/18/2015 "7 Forgotten Nintendo 64 Classics" (PCMag)
07/10/2015 "7 Funky Digital Cameras From the 90s" (PCMag)
07/08/2015 "How Many of These Weird Internet Appliances Do You Remember?" (PCMag)
06/26/2015 "Who Needs GPS? The Forgotten Story of Etak's Amazing 1985 Car Navigation System" (FastCompany)
06/26/2015 "Wacky Japanese PC Ads of the 1980s" (PCMag)
06/18/2015 "7 Bizarre FrankenPCs" (PCMag)
01/21/2015 "The Untold Story Of The Invention Of The Game Cartridge" (FastCompany)
12/03/2014 "10 PlayStation Oddities" (FastCompany)
10/01/2014 "I'm Dreaming of a Pocket Mac" (Macworld, October 2014, p.14)
09/01/2014 "Remembering eWorld, Apple's Forgotten Online Service" (Macworld, September 2014, p.17)
07/12/2014 "Where Online Services Go When They Die" (The Atlantic)
07/02/2014 "I'm Dreaming of a Pocket Macintosh" (Macworld)
06/16/2014 "Turn your G4-era Mac into a next-gen Amiga" (Macworld)
06/09/2014 "Remembering eWorld, Apple's Forgotten Online Service" (Macworld)
09/01/2013 "Apple Opts For Change a Decade After the G5" (Macworld, September 2013)
08/27/2013 "Remembering the Newton MessagePad, 20 Years Later" (Macworld)
07/02/2013 "Six Famous Windows Apps That Debuted on the Mac" (Macworld, August 2013)
06/22/2013 "Ten Years in the Shadow of the Power Mac G5" (Macworld)
06/21/2013 "Slideshow: Apple Hardware Design Mistakes" (Macworld)
05/31/2013 "Five Apple Hardware Products That Time Forgot" (Macworld)
05/15/2013 "How to Install Linux on a Vintage 68K Mac" (Macworld)
05/06/2013 "A Brief History of Computer Chess" (TechHive)
05/03/2013 "Six Famous Windows Apps That Debuted on the Mac" (Macworld)
03/30/2013 "Hidden Messages: An Apple Easter Egg Hunt" (Macworld)
03/30/2013 "Hotline Revisited" (Macworld)
03/22/2013 "Apple's Five Most Important Displays" (Macworld)
03/21/2013 "Remembering VCR Games" (TechHive)
03/15/2013 "The Copyright Rule We Need to Repeal to Preserve Our Cultural Heritage" (The Atlantic)
03/15/2013 "Teach Your Old iPod New Tricks: Six Unauthorized Upgrades" (Macworld)
03/01/2013 "Tablets, Mice, and Trackpads: The Evolution of Apple Pointing Devices" (Macworld)
02/18/2013 "Evolution of the Smartwatch" (TechHive)
02/16/2013 "Abandoned Apples" (Macworld)
02/11/2013 "Overcoming Limitations: The Mac Color Classic, 20 Years Later" (Macworld)
02/08/2013 "The History of Electronic Board Games" (TechHive)
01/30/2013 "The Little-Known Apple Lisa: Five Quirks and Oddities" (Macworld)
01/24/2013 "The Never-Before-Told Story of the World's First Computer Art" (The Atlantic)
01/18/2013 "30 Years of the Apple Lisa and the Apple IIe" (Macworld)
01/11/2013 "Imitation Apple: Hardware Knockoffs Through the Years" (Macworld)
12/28/2012 "How to Make a Mac Plus Clock" (Macworld)
12/24/2012 "A Vintage Mac Christmas" (Macworld)
12/21/2012 "The Forgotten eMate 300 -- 15 Years Later" (Macworld)
12/04/2012 "Popular Tech Gifts of Holidays Past" (TechHive)
12/02/2012 "The Making Of: Pong" (Edge Online)
11/23/2012 "The Unusual World of Mac Prototypes" (Macworld)
11/22/2012 "The Making of: Pong" (Edge Magazine, Issue 248)
11/16/2012 "The Unexplored History of Translucent Apple Design" (Macworld)
11/02/2012 "The Apple Family Tree: Apple Platforms Through The Years" (Macworld)
11/01/2012 "Steve Jobs's Seven Key Decisions" (Macworld, December 2012)
10/26/2012 "The Land Before Macs: A Field Guide" (Macworld)
10/19/2012 "Six of the Rarest Macs" (Macworld)
10/12/2012 "The Five Weirdest Macs of All Time" (Macworld)
10/01/2012 "The CD Player Turns 30" (TechHive)
09/18/2012 "Steve Jobs's Seven Key Decisions" (Macworld)
08/27/2012 "The Macintosh II: Celebrating 25 Years" (Macworld, October 2012)
08/01/2012 "Tweet from a Commodore 64? We Do That and More ..." (PC World)
07/18/2012 "The Exceptional iMac G4: Ten Years Later" (Macworld)
07/15/2012 "The Secret History of Microsoft Hardware" (PCMag)
07/09/2012 "The IBM PS/2: 25 Years of PC History" (PC World)
06/29/2012 "Trip Hawkins on the EA of today" (Edge Online)
06/28/2012 "Trip Hawkins: The EA Days" (Edge Online)
06/27/2012 "Trip Hawkins: Founding Electronic Arts" (Edge Online)
06/26/2012 "Trip Hawkins on Apple and Steve Jobs" (Edge Online)
06/25/2012 "Trip Hawkins: The inspiration for EA" (Edge Online)
06/24/2012 "The Roots of Social Networking" (PC World)
06/07/2012 "The Macintosh II Celebrates its 25th Anniversary" (Macworld)
05/27/2012 "Inside the Magnavox Odyssey, the First Video Game Console" (PC World)
04/15/2012 "Groovy 1970s Consumer Tech" (PC World)
04/15/2012 "The Digital Watch: A Brief History" (PCMag)
04/08/2012 "Windows 3.1: Twenty Years Later" (PC World)
03/10/2012 "10 Classic Computer RPGs" (PCMag)
02/19/2012 "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It: Ancient Computers in Use Today" (PC World)
02/12/2012 "Atari Oddities" (Technologizer)
02/04/2012 "10 Classic Video Game Hacks Everyone Should Play" (PCMag)
01/27/2012 "10 Bizarre PC Designs" (PCMag)
01/23/2012 "Why History Needs Software Piracy" (Technologizer)
01/22/2012 "The 12 Greatest PC Shareware Games of All Time" (PC World)
01/22/2012 "10 Educational PC Games of the 1980s" (PCMag)
01/17/2012 "Evolution of the Solid-State Drive" (PC World)
01/01/2012 "How the iPod Was Born" (Macworld, January 2012)
12/25/2011 "Great Gifts: Computers on Christmas Morning" (PCMag)
12/11/2011 "Computer Space and the Dawn of the Arcade Video Game" (Technologizer)
12/11/2011 "10 Classic Game Console Mods" (PCMag)
11/15/2011 "Secret Lives of the Intel 4004" (Technologizer)
10/23/2011 "The Birth of the iPod" (Macworld)
10/23/2011 "The iPod as an Iconic Cultural Force" (Macworld)
10/23/2011 "iPod Oddities" (Technologizer)
10/12/2011 "The 10 Greatest MS-DOS Games of All Time" (PC World)
09/24/2011 "10 Bizarre Video Game Accessories" (PCMag)
09/04/2011 "10 Tiny PCs of the 1980s" (PCMag)
08/28/2011 "The 10 Greatest Super NES Games of All Time" (PCMag)
08/12/2011 "10 Classic Portable Games of the 1980s" (PCMag)
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